Please Don’t Eat My Mother (1973)

Alternative Titles:
Hungry Pets
Sexpot Swingers
La plante qui aimait les femmes

Year: 1973
Country: USA
Genre: Erotic
Language: Original

Director: Carl Monson
Studio: Something Weird Video

Starring: Buck Kartalian, Lyn Lundgren, Art Hedberg, Alice Fredlund, Adam Blair, Flora Weisel, Ric Lutze, Rene Bond
Description: A middle-aged man buys a plant with a sexy voice that develops a craving for insects, frogs, dogs, humans…

File Size: ~700MB
Resolution: 560×416
Duration: 97 min
Format: avi

Download Link(s):
Please Don’t Eat My Mother.part1.rar – 360.00MB
Please Don’t Eat My Mother.part2.rar – 340.09MB

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