Harem (1985)

Year: 1985
Country: France
Genre: Drama, Erotic
Quality: DVDRip
Languages: English, Russian

Director: Arthur Joffe

Starring: Nastassja Kinski, Ben Kingsley, Dennis Goldson, Michel Robin, Zohra Segal, Juliette Simpson, Rosanne Katon, Norman Chancer, Maurice Lamy, Henri Sarde, Ibrahim Moussa, Teco Celio
Description: Diane is a beautiful and sophisticated trainee on the New York Stock Exchange, and Selim is an Arab mogul. Diane is drugged, kidnapped and brought to Selim’s scenic fortress hideaway in the North African desert. In an interesting role reversal, Diane has no qualms about bedding down with an attractive man, but Selim’s harem is purely decorative and he does not share her cavalier view of sexual relationships. The twist is that in spite of the fact that he has kidnapped the girl, Selim is not really that bad of a person. He feels compelled to uphold a time-honored tradition that he doesn’t really believe in anymore and wants to embrace the ways of the Western world.

File Size: ~1850MB
Resolution: 698×432
Duration: 109 min
Format: mkv

Download Link(s):
Harem.part1.rar – 307.0 MB
Harem.part2.rar – 307.0 MB
Harem.part3.rar – 307.0 MB
Harem.part4.rar – 307.0 MB
Harem.part5.rar – 307.0 MB
Harem.part6.rar – 307.0 MB

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