Quello strano desiderio (1979)

Quello strano desiderio (1979) cover

Year: 1979
Country: Italy
Genre: Comedy, Erotic
Quality: TVRip
Language: Original

Director: Enzo Milioni

Starring: Nico Salatino, Gianni Ciardo, Vanni Materassi, Antonella Antinori, Stella Argiolas, Desiree Bec, Maria D’Alessandro, Marina Hedman, Dirce Funari, Giada Gerini, Leda Simonetti, Pauline Teutscher, Ella Venturi, Enzo Spitaleri, Rosaura Marchi
Description: About a pair of aliens who come to Earth disguised as accountants after winning a holiday package. Given the appearance of people, the randy extraterrestrials waste no time discovering that certain parts of the human body feel better than others. After some comic misadventures and a number of uninspired love scenes, the aliens decide that having sex with humans is more appealing than returning to their home planet.

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Quello strano desiderio (1979) screenshot 3 Quello strano desiderio (1979) screenshot 4
Quello strano desiderio (1979) screenshot 5 Quello strano desiderio (1979) screenshot 6

Quello strano desiderio (1979) screencaps

File Size: ~700MB
Resolution: 384×288
Duration: 92 min
Format: avi

Download Link(s):
Quello strano desiderio.part1.rar – 228.6 MB
Quello strano desiderio.part2.rar – 228.6 MB
Quello strano desiderio.part3.rar – 228.6 MB

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  1. abilash says:

    Any chance of a better print bro?

  2. giuseppe says:

    non so questo ma il film che ho io ha inserti porno lo classificherei porno

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