Au Pair Girls (Better Quality) (1972)

Au Pair Girls (Better Quality) (1972) cover

Alternative Titles:
The Young Playmates
Mother’s Helpers

Year: 1972
Country: UK
Genre: Erotic, Comedy
Quality: BDRip
Language: Original

Director: Val Guest
Studio: Tigon Pictures

Starring: Astrid Frank, Johnny Briggs, Gabrielle Drake, Me Me Lai, Nancie Wait, Joyce Heron, Daphne Anderson, Geoffrey Bayldon, Roger Avon, Rosalie Crutchley
Description: Four sexy young foreign girls come to England as au pairs and quickly become quite intimate with their employers, host families, and just about everyone else they encounter.

Au Pair Girls (Better Quality) (1972) screenshot 1 Au Pair Girls (Better Quality) (1972) screenshot 2
Au Pair Girls (Better Quality) (1972) screenshot 3 Au Pair Girls (Better Quality) (1972) screenshot 4
Au Pair Girls (Better Quality) (1972) screenshot 5 Au Pair Girls (Better Quality) (1972) screenshot 6

Au Pair Girls (Better Quality) (1972) screencaps

File Size: ~1550MB
Resolution: 1126×720
Duration: 85 min
Format: mkv

Download Link(s):
Au Pair Girls.part1.rar – 310.1 MB
Au Pair Girls.part2.rar – 310.1 MB
Au Pair Girls.part3.rar – 310.1 MB
Au Pair Girls.part4.rar – 310.1 MB
Au Pair Girls.part5.rar – 310.1 MB

6 Responsesto “Au Pair Girls (Better Quality) (1972)”

  1. Greg says:

    Something not working with this zip file. Refused to be opened with several zip file extractors. Fix and re-up please?? Thank you!

    • icicle says:

      Checking right now

    • icicle says:

      Checked and unrared without any problem
      the thing is that i download files under premium user fast and i can’t check files under free user, it will take a lot of time to download them. Maybe some of files were not completely downloaded. Check the size of files, they must be the same except the last it is a little smaller

      • Greg says:

        Checked the file size, and all is good there. I have downloaded each one of these segments twice, and get the same error msgs. One program says “…refused to be unpacked.” Another says “Error: CRC mismatch in file “Au Pair Girls_better.mkv” in the archive “Au Pair Girls_better.part1.rar”

        Hopefully this means something to you…first of these problems I have encountered with your movies. Fantastic archive, by the way! Keep up the good work!

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