6 Schwedinnen hinter Gittern (BDRip) (1980)

6 Schwedinnen hinter Gittern (BDRip) (1980) cover

Alternative Titles:
Ball Game

Year: 1980
Country: USA
Genre: Classic, Comedy
Quality: BDRip
Language: English, German

Director: Erwin C. Dietrich, Ann Perry (as Ann Perry-Rhine)
Studio: Evolution Enterprises

Starring: Candida Royalle, Lisa De Leeuw, Ian MacGregor, Connie Peterson, Tawny Pearl, Jennifer West, Ginger Lee Grace, Tiffany Clark, Rachael Livingston, Brandy Lee, Maria Tortuga, Susan Nero, Ashley Welles, Mike Ranger, Jesse Adams, Tommy La Rock, Herschel Savage, Tracy Fonte, Jack Shute, Greg Michaels, Sam Menning, Bobby Dobbs, R.J. Reynolds
Description: Candida Royalle (Ultra Flesh) stars as L0lita Wanamaker, a young and attractive woman recently sentenced to a few years in prison. She immediately makes a good first impression. Neither the prison guards or her fellow inmates can’t take their hands off her. The inmates are a close-knit group who go by the name of ‘The Beavers’. When they aren’t getting it on with each other, they’re having their own fun with the prison staff. Seems like it’s more of a holiday camp than a prison right? Wrong! You see, the girls have to live in squalid conditions and they’ve had enough! They do what all disgruntled prisoners usually do and sign a petition? Unfortunately for them, Warden Blowhard, played by Ian McGregor (Undercovers) is a tight-fisted and selfish chap. When he isn’t being an arrogant prick, he’s getting some extra service off his lovely secretary Miss Cole, played by Lisa De Leeuw (Center Spread Girls). After having a small riot, the inmates get a chance to have their voices heard properly, by having a baseball match with the prison guards who call themselves ‘The Dicks’. Will the girls get their own way? Will the warden have a change of heart? You’ll have to find out for yourself!

6 Schwedinnen hinter Gittern (BDRip) (1980) screencaps

File Size: ~1600MB
Resolution: 1280×876
Duration: 76 min
Format: mkv

Download Link(s):
6 Schwedinnen hinter Gittern.part1.rar – 267.3 MB
6 Schwedinnen hinter Gittern.part2.rar – 267.3 MB
6 Schwedinnen hinter Gittern.part3.rar – 267.3 MB
6 Schwedinnen hinter Gittern.part4.rar – 267.3 MB
6 Schwedinnen hinter Gittern.part5.rar – 267.3 MB
6 Schwedinnen hinter Gittern.part6.rar – 267.3 MB

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