Sex and Zen II (1996)

Alternative Title:
Yu pu tuan er zhi Yu nu xin jing

Year: 1996
Country: Hong Kong
Genre: Erotic, Comedy, Fantasy
Quality: BDRip
Language: Cantonese, Mandarin
Subtitles: Mandarin (Traditional), Mandarin (Simplified), English

Director: Man Kei Chin
Studio: Golden Harvest Company, Wong Jing’s Workshop Ltd.

Starring: Loletta Lee, Qi Shu, Elvis Tsui, Lu Cheung, Yuk-Chuen Cheung, Ting Fong, Christine Hung, Kin-Yan Lee, Ta Lei, Tat-Wah Lok, Ben Ng, Yin Tsang, Shiu-keung Wong, Yat-Fei Wong
Description: Kin is a wealthy squire with an overactive sex drive who wants to go down in history as the world’s greatest, and most prolific, lover. Although unashamed of his own super-charged libido, Kin is staunchly protective of his own daughter, the beautiful Yau, whom he sends away to pursue her studies. Fearful of what could happen to her, he makes her dress as a man and even outfits her with some extra-strength chastity armor just for good measure! However, along the way, she falls head over heels for the righteous Iron Man, a heroic swordsman hot on the trail of the evil Mirage Woman, who uses sex as a weapon, draining her partners of their very life essence through sexual seduction!

File Size: ~1700MB
Resolution: 1280×720
Duration: 89 min
Format: mp4

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Sex and zen II.mp4 – 1.6 GB

Sex and zen II.rar – 7.9 MB

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