La ragazza dal pigiama giallo (1977)

Alternative Titles:
The Pajama Girl Case
The Pyjama Girl Case

Year: 1977
Country: Italy / Spain
Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Erotic
Quality: BDRip
Language: Italian, English
Subtitles: English

Director: Flavio Mogherini
Studio: Zodiac Produzioni, Producciones Internacionales Cinematograficas Asociadas (PICASA)

Starring: Ray Milland, Dalila Di Lazzaro, Michele Placido, Mel Ferrer, Howard Ross, Ramiro Oliveros, Rod Mullinar, Giacomo Assandri, Eugene Walter, Fernando Fernan Gomez, Antonio Ferrandis, Vanessa Vitale, Monica Rey, Andrea Gnecco, Sandra Dobrigna
Description: Two seemingly separate stories in New South Wales: a burned, murdered body of a young woman is found on the beach, and a retired inspector makes inquiries; also, Linda, a waitress and ferry attendant, has several lovers and marries one, but continues seeing the others. The police have a suspect in the murder, but the retired inspector is convinced they’re wrong; he continues a methodical investigation. Linda and her husband separate, and there are complications. Will the stories cross or are they already twisted together?

File Size: ~3650MB
Resolution: 1280×688
Duration: 102 min
Format: mp4

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La ragazza dal pigiama giallo.mp4 – 3.6 GB
La ragazza dal pigiama giallo.rar – 64.5 KB

2 Responsesto “La ragazza dal pigiama giallo (1977)”

  1. BarryT says:

    Just a note..
    Alternative title is The Pyjama Girl Case
    Not The Pajama Girl Case

    • icicle says:

      Thanks for info, but i took it from imdb:
      UK (video box title) The Pyjama Girl Case
      West Germany Blutiger Zahltag
      West Germany (TV title) Die Frau aus zweiter Hand
      West Germany (video title) Ein Mann gegen die Mafia
      World-wide (English title) (informal literal English title) The Girl in the Yellow Pajamas
      World-wide (English title) The Pajama Girl Case

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