Les galettes de Pont-Aven (1975)

Alternative Titles:
Die Geluste des Herrn Theobald

Year: 1975
Country: France
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Erotic
Quality: DVDRip
Language: French
Subtitles: English, Russian

Director: Joel Seria
Studio: Coquelicot Films, Orphee Arts, Orphee Films

Starring: Jean-Pierre Marielle, Claude Pieplu, Jeanne Goupil, Dolores McDonough, Romain Bouteille, Andrea Ferreol, Bernard Fresson, Martine Ferriere, Gisele Grimm, Louison Roblin, Andre Chaumeau, Anne Alexandre, Rene Berthier, Jean Legall, Evane Hanska
Description: Henri Serin, a sales rep in umbrellas who lives in Saumur, is bored with his life. Married to an unloving, uptight wife, who, unlike him, has no interest in sex, he is also rejected by his children. Thus, he spends most of his time travelling from town to town, flirting with women and meeting all kinds of people in the hotels, restaurants, shops and places he visits. He also dabbles in painting, particularly portraits. After his car breaks down as he is driving through Brittany, he meets a rough, foul-mouthed painter who offers him to stay at his house, near Pont-Aven. There, Henri falls in love with Angela, the painters model and fling, and soon they run off together. After a few days of passion, Angela goes away, leaving Henri heartbroken. He then returns to his home only to find his wife having sex with another man. Dejected, he decides to ditch everything, and settles in Brittany to do what he likes best: painting. He also drowns his sorrows by drinking heavily, until he starts

File Size: ~1750MB
Resolution: 662×572
Duration: 101 min
Format: mp4

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