Gloria mundi (1976)

Alternative Title:
In Hell

Year: 1976
Country: France
Genre: Drama, Erotic
Quality: BDRip
Language: French
Subtitles: English, Greek, French

Director: Nikos Papatakis
Studio: Gaia Productions

Starring: Olga Karlatos, Roland Bertin, Philippe Adrien, Mehmet Ulusoy, Armand Abplanalp, Christiane Tissot, Jean-Louis Broust, Anna Douking, Jacques Ebner, Annick Fougery, Andre Lambert, Didot Lyloudis, Antoinette Moya, Louis Navarre, Jean Rougeul
Description: Hamdias, a producer who’s set out to break new boundaries, plans to finance a film about torture. According to him, torture, the clash of two or more people, is not only what substantiates basic human relationships but also love and politics. Unfortunately Hamdias dies in a freak accident and his project is grounded. After some time, Galai (Olga Karlatos), who should have been the main actress of Hamdias movie, sets out to complete the controversial project. As soon as filming starts again, the thin line that separates reality from a nightmarish obsession begins slowly to blur.

File Size: ~4400MB
Resolution: 1194×720
Duration: 116 min
Format: mp4

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Gloria mundi.mp4 – 4.3 GB
Gloria mundi.rar – 11.6 MB

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