Celestine (1974)

Celestine (1974) cover

Year: 1974
Country: France
Genre: Lesbian, Comedy, Erotic
Quality: VHSRip
Language: Original

Director: Jesus Franco

Starring: Lina Romay, Howard Vernon, Olivier Mathot, Pamela Stanford, Nadine Pascal, Philippe Guegan, Raymond Hardy, Catherine Lafferiere, Richard Bigotini, Jean-Pierre Bouyxou
Description: Lina Romay stars as Celestine in this minor French sex-comedy from cult director Jesus Franco, using the pseudonym “Clifford Brown.” In 1700s France, Celestine comes to work at the mansion of the Count de la Braquette (Howard Vernon), an impotent old man to whom she must read from the Marquis de Sade before he can fall asleep. Celestine sets about having sex with everyone from the gardener (Ramon Ardid) to virginal niece Martine (Monique Delaunay) and Count Fernand (Olivier Mathot) before the entire household converges on her room for the finale. Franco’s film is rather explicit for light comedy, but is primarily a breezy, engaging exploitation trifle. Monica Swinn, Jean-Pierre Bouyxou, and Franco have cameos, and filmmaker Gerard Kikoine served as editor.
Sex comedy from Jess Franco actually has the same source of Luis Bunuel’s Diary of a Chambermaid but this here goes for way more laughs. The police raid a brothel and a prostitute (Lina Romay) escapes into the countryside. The woman, Celestine, ends up at a rich folks house where she ends up sleeping with two of the servants who then get her a job as a maid. Before long Celestine is sleeping with everyone trying to bring some joy to their lives. I was really letdown with this film after reading some positive reviews for it. Romay is cute and charming as always but the supporting cast, including Pamela Stanford, Monica Swinn and Howard Vernon are rather dull. The best scene is when Romay is trying to rest in the morning but at least seven people show up for sex. Each time a new one knocks at the door she must try and hide the one she’s currently sleeping with.

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File Size: ~1400MB
Resolution: 900×534
Duration: 94 min
Format: avi

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