Nuits Suedoises (1977)

Nuits Suedoises (1977) cover

Alternative Title:
Peek Freak

Year: 1977
Country: USA
Genre: Classic, Hardcore
Director: Jean-Claude Roy (as Patrick Aubin)
Studio: VCX

Starring: Dawn Cumming, Delphine Thail, Sandrine Pernelle, Siegried Cellier, Jean-Louis Vattier, Gilbert Servien, Patrice Maranzano, Guy Royer, Yves Barral, Madou Sall
Description: When a sexual indulgent couple discover a promiscuous young girl has moved in across the courtyard form their bedroom, they become so erotically charged from watching her sexual exploits that they become Peek Freaks. Peeping in on her, they see hugely hung black studs, aggressive lesbians and groups of horny men who revel in her hedonistic exhibitionism. Caught up in her sex games, they finally meet her and discover the other side of looking in!
She was too hot to just Watch.

Nuits Suedoises (1977) screenshot 1 Nuits Suedoises (1977) screenshot 2

Quality: DVD5
File Size: ~4600MB
Video: Mpeg-2 Video, 720×480, NTSC, ~6580 Kbps
Audio: English: 48 kHz, AC3 Dolby Digital, 2 (L,R) ch, ~192.00 kbps avg
Duration: 1 hour 26 mins

Download Link(s):
Nuits Suedoises.part01.rar – 415.0 MB
Nuits Suedoises.part02.rar – 415.0 MB
Nuits Suedoises.part03.rar – 415.0 MB
Nuits Suedoises.part04.rar – 415.0 MB
Nuits Suedoises.part05.rar – 415.0 MB
Nuits Suedoises.part06.rar – 415.0 MB
Nuits Suedoises.part07.rar – 415.0 MB
Nuits Suedoises.part08.rar – 415.0 MB
Nuits Suedoises.part09.rar – 415.0 MB
Nuits Suedoises.part10.rar – 415.0 MB
Nuits Suedoises.part11.rar – 290.8 MB

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