Physical Attraction (1984)

Year: 1984
Country: USA
Genre: Feature, Classic
Quality: VOD
Language: Original

Director: Richard Mailer
Studio: Masterpiece Video

Starring: Shanna McCullough, Bunny Bleu, David Cannon, Greg Derek, Frank James, Lisa Lake, Valerie Love, Pamela Mann, Paul Thomas
Description: Written by “Will Kelly,” presumably a pseudonym for sometime porn scripter Valerie Kelly, this is a couples-oriented porn feature which would have been better done as a softcore, with higher production values. Prostitute Shanna McCullough (very nice performance) doesn’t like her work, which is presented in a totally non-erotic manner: it’s just a job. Her real passion is for running. She meets track coach David Cannon, who eventually recruits her for his team and the Olympic trials.
There is considerably more story than usual for a porn film and many of the sex scenes actually get in the way, as they involve peripheral characters (McCullough’s co-worker Pam Jennings, their pimp Craig Roberts, his alternate squeeze Valerie LaVeaux, Cannon’s friend Paul Thomas, and a couple of jealous femme athletes on Cannon’s team). Tech credits are very good but the budget is minimal. Instead of showing us McCullough actually competing at the Olympic trials, e.g., we hear an off-camera tv broadcast that plays while Roberts and LaVeaux romp on his living room sofa.
With an expansion of the characters and deletion of the hardcore, this would have made an acceptable, though perhaps slightly far-fetched, straight film in 1984. Performances are better than average for XXX (though Cannon is a bit of a stiff, as always) but film is a shaky mix of genres, neither fish nor fowl as it stands, and the sex scenes tend to be explicit but far from erotic. McCullough’s acting work is sensitive, and it is a bit depressing to consider that she is still, at about age 40 (by my estimate), working in this genre.

File Size: ~800MB
Resolution: 544×400
Duration: 85 min
Format: avi

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Physical Attraction.part1.rar – 300.00MB
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