Viciosas al desnudo (1980)

Year: 1980
Country: Spain
Genre: Drama, Erotic
Quality: DVDRip
Language: Original

Director: Manuel Esteba
Studio: Consorcio Iberico de Cinematografia (CIC) S.A

Starring: Jack Taylor, Adriana Vega, Eva Lyberten, Silvia Solar, Javier Garriga Prous

File Size: ~750MB
Resolution: 512×368
Duration: 86 min
Format: avi

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Viciosas al desnudo.part1.rar – 280.00MB
Viciosas al desnudo.part2.rar – 280.00MB
Viciosas al desnudo.part3.rar – 179.61MB

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  1. Jett Woodward says:

    SPOILER ALERT:Juan is a writer and lecturer who makes his living sympathizing with youth and exposing freedom for the young. His agent advises him over drinks that the youth of today have become loose reckless, and amoral. Juan’s wife and kids leave to spend the weekend with Grandma. Juan stays behind to give another lecture.There is a thunderstorm that night,and two sexy young girls show up and say their car is out of gas,use his phone and seduce him into a menage a trois.The next morning,they are giggly and rowdy and barely clam up when his wife calls. They insist on eating breakfast before he drives them into the city and drops them off.At his lecture,his agent notices he is distant and distracted. The girls run around town,ripping off a flower shop’s cash register while they distract the clerk,buying a little male doll at a gift shop,kissing,getting high,walking around the beach,and partying in a club and making out with guys and each other and dancing to rock.They then return to Juan’s house and he returns home from dinner to find them jumping on his bed and shredding his pillows.When he gets upset,they claim to be underage and threaten to tell the police he raped them.Tbey knock him out with a wine bottle and tie him up at the dining table.They tell him he knows little about youth and used them for sexual gratification.They threaten him with a gun to get him to eat the food they’ve prepared One of them pours wine all over him. When the other gets excited and accidentally breaks the arm off of the doll she bought earlier,she cries and the other girl comforts her and they have sex,kicking the ringing phone off the hook. It’s Juan’s wife and she gets worried,and calls the agent.The next day,the girls happily swing on the swings and skinny dip in the pool and sunbathe remembering their past exploits, including stowing away in a delivery truck to get from one city to another. One of them told Juan earlier her father died when she was 7. The other’s dad was apparently abusive. The agent shows up once they’re dressed and packed,and won’t buy that they’re there for a research project with Professor Juan. Juan manages to tip his chair over and the agent hears him and rushes into the dining room. The girls follow and stab him to death with a carving knife. They steal his car keys and hurriedly drive off in his car,giggling. Juan’s wife has panicked and is driving home. She and the girls nearly collide on the edge of a cliff. The girls swerve out of control and go flying over the side and crash down below. Juan’s wife pulls over and races to the edge of the cliff and sees the wrecked car and the girls’dead bodies halfway out. The car and the girls explode into flames.

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