SS Experiment Love Camp (1976)

Alternative Title:
Captive Women II: Orgies of the Damned

Year: 1976
Country: Italy
Genre: Erotic, Drama
Quality: DVDRip
Language: English

Director: Sergio Garrone

Starring: Mircha Carven, Giorgio Cerioni, Paola Corazzi, Almina De Sanzio, Matilde Dell’Aglio, Attilio Dottesio, Agnes Kalpagos, Giovanna Mainardi, Patrizia Melega, Serafino Profumo, Maurizio Reti
Descritpion: This is a sleazy WW2 Nazi camp movie which plays more like a black comedy. In this film the poor female POW’s get abused and groped by all and sundry at the camp. In an amusing comic twist the commandant decides he wants a new pair of testicles and so removes them from one of the hunky guards. The guard doesn’t seem to realise he’s been castrated until he goes to bonk one of the French prisoners. This provides one of the most amusing scenes when he confronts the commandant and says “You Bastard. what have you done with my Balls?”

File Size: ~1400MB
Resolution: 720×416
Duration: 95 min
Format: avi

Download Link(s):
SS Experiment Love Camp.part1.rar – 277.5 MB
SS Experiment Love Camp.part2.rar – 277.5 MB
SS Experiment Love Camp.part3.rar – 277.5 MB
SS Experiment Love Camp.part4.rar – 277.5 MB
SS Experiment Love Camp.part5.rar – 277.5 MB

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