Taboo 5 (1987) (DVD)

Year: 1987
Country: USA
Genre: All Sex, Oral, Anal, Lesbo, Classic
Director: Kirdy Stevens
Studio: Standard Video

Starring: Amber Lynn, Jamie Gillis, Joey Silvera, Karen Summer, Billy Dee, Kevin James, Buck Adams, Colleen Brennan, Porsche Lynn
Description: Dr. Lodge has a patient who is a single mother with a split personality. He also has a daughter, Naomi, who has sex with her husband in their bathroom. Meanwhile, Junior McBride and his lover take advantage of the mother’s alternate personality. When Naomi refuses to be in her husband’s play, an actress seduces him for a casting couch. Naomi eventually catches them. The mother exposes her buxom figure to her son, but he panics. Dr. Lodge spies on his younger lover cheating on him with an African American piano player. In return, Lodge gets rough makeup sex. He then hypnotizes the mother to discover her promiscuity personality. His pool cleaner then successfully reveals to the cheated Naomi that he always had a crash on her. The piano player brings his friend over to Dr. Lodge’s girlfriend. When Lodge finally dumps her, his also cheated daughter seduces him. After peeping on his mother’s buxom figure, the son sneaks in her bedroom and surprises her in her sleep.

Quality: DVD9
File Size: ~7600MB
Video: MPEG2 Video 720×480 (4:3) 29.97fps 7004Kbps
Audio: English: Dolby AC3 48000Hz 6ch 192Kbps
Duration: 1 hour 54 mins

Download Link(s):
Taboo 5.part01.rar – 300.0 MB
Taboo 5.part02.rar – 300.0 MB
Taboo 5.part03.rar – 300.0 MB
Taboo 5.part04.rar – 300.0 MB
Taboo 5.part05.rar – 300.0 MB
Taboo 5.part06.rar – 300.0 MB
Taboo 5.part07.rar – 300.0 MB
Taboo 5.part08.rar – 300.0 MB
Taboo 5.part09.rar – 300.0 MB
Taboo 5.part10.rar – 300.0 MB
Taboo 5.part11.rar – 300.0 MB
Taboo 5.part12.rar – 300.0 MB
Taboo 5.part13.rar – 300.0 MB
Taboo 5.part14.rar – 300.0 MB
Taboo 5.part15.rar – 300.0 MB
Taboo 5.part16.rar – 300.0 MB
Taboo 5.part17.rar – 300.0 MB
Taboo 5.part18.rar – 300.0 MB
Taboo 5.part19.rar – 300.0 MB
Taboo 5.part20.rar – 300.0 MB
Taboo 5.part21.rar – 300.0 MB
Taboo 5.part22.rar – 300.0 MB
Taboo 5.part23.rar – 300.0 MB
Taboo 5.part24.rar – 300.0 MB
Taboo 5.part25.rar – 87.6 MB

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