Motorvej pa sengekanten (1972)

Alternative Titles:
Highway Through the Bedroom
Bedside Highway

Year: 1972
Country: Denmark
Genre: Erotic, Comedy
Quality: DVDRip
Language: Original

Director: John Hilbard

Starring: Alvin Linnemann, Annie Birgit Garde, Annie Hansen, Arne Hansen, Arthur Jensen, Axel Strobye, Benny Hansen, Birte Tove, Christoffer Bro, Gertie Jung, Jens Brenaa, Jorn Budolfsen, Karl Stegger
Description: In this Danish sex comedy, precisely opposite goals lead a young official of the Department of Roads and Traffic and all the women of the local village to end up in the sack. His goal is to get them to sign papers allowing a new highway to go through the middle of town. Their goal is to get him to re-route the highway

File Size: ~900MB
Resolution: 608×400
Duration: 98 min
Format: avi

Download Link(s):
Motorvej pa sengekanten.part1.rar – 298.8 MB
Motorvej pa sengekanten.part2.rar – 298.8 MB
Motorvej pa sengekanten.part3.rar – 298.8 MB

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