Monique, My Love (1969)

Year: 1969
Country: USA
Genre: Erotic
Quality: DVDRip
Language: Original

Director: Peter Woodcock

Starring: Linda Boyce, Jo Sweet, Sue Akers, Uta Erickson
Description: Monique is so anxious to become a movie star that she gets naked for a producer, watches other naked girls in the producer’s other naked movies, and finally ends up starring in a naked skinflick where she’s tied up by a fetish freak. All of which is dutifully chronicled by her obsessed roommate Rita for a book entitled Monique, My Love

File Size: ~1000MB
Resolution: 656×480
Duration: 64 min
Format: avi

Download Link(s):
Monique My Love.part1.rar – 242.9 MB
Monique My Love.part2.rar – 242.9 MB
Monique My Love.part3.rar – 242.9 MB
Monique My Love.part4.rar – 242.9 MB

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  1. TexTom101 says:

    Not a perfect copy, but better than the picture taken with a camera. Can’t find one without deep folds in the poster:

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