Pretty Wet Lips (1974)

Pretty Wet Lips (1974) cover

Year: 1974
Country: USA
Genre: Erotic
Quality: DVDRip
Language: Original

Director: Carl Stanfill

Starring: Eve Orlon, Mary Steely, Kathy Reeder, Harold Benjamin, Hedi Haupt, Brigitte Maier, Julie Orzak
Description: A psychiatrist interested in how people get to where they are in space and time, interviews individuals involved in crime as we see the events though flashback. Chickie & Buster, cruise along in their VW bus and kidnap a school girl hitch hiking. They abuse and abuse and then arrive at a suburban home where Buster attacks the owner. A neighbor, Brigitte Maier, comes over to visit and is also attacked. Finally the husband, who has spent the day with a call girl, comes home and after being attacked by one of the women he turns the tables and saves the day.

Pretty Wet Lips (1974) screenshot 1 Pretty Wet Lips (1974) screenshot 2
Pretty Wet Lips (1974) screenshot 3 Pretty Wet Lips (1974) screenshot 4
Pretty Wet Lips (1974) screenshot 5 Pretty Wet Lips (1974) screenshot 6

Pretty Wet Lips (1974) screencaps

File Size: ~850MB
Resolution: 704×528
Duration: 74 min
Format: mkv

Download Link(s):
Pretty Wet Lips.part1.rar – 283.4 MB
Pretty Wet Lips.part2.rar – 283.4 MB
Pretty Wet Lips.part3.rar – 283.4 MB

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