Malamore (Better Quality) (1982)

Malamore (Better Quality) (1982) cover

Alternative Title:
La casa rosa

Year: 1982
Country: Italy
Genre: Erotic
Quality: DVDRip
Language: English, Italian

Director: Eriprando Visconti
Studio: Arcana Film Produzione

Starring: Jimmy Briscoe, Nathalie Nell, Antonio Marsina, Remo Girone, Leopoldo Trieste, Monica Scattini, Serena Grandi, Elisabeth Kaza, Renata Zamengo, Leonardo Treviglio, Cesare Barrett, David Brandon, Cinzia Cavalieri, Fiorella Molinari
Description: Set in Northern Italy during the 1st World War. Marcello is a dwarf who is kept hidden by his family and falls in love with a prostitute from the local brothel. The prostitute’s lover plots to kill the dwarf, but she helps him to escape, though at a cost to her own well-being that did not seem to have been in the cards.

Malamore (Better Quality) (1982) screenshot 1 Malamore (Better Quality) (1982) screenshot 2
Malamore (Better Quality) (1982) screenshot 3 Malamore (Better Quality) (1982) screenshot 4
Malamore (Better Quality) (1982) screenshot 5 Malamore (Better Quality) (1982) screenshot 6

Malamore (Better Quality) (1982) screencaps

File Size: ~1500MB
Resolution: 720×544
Duration: 94 min
Format: mkv

Download Link(s):
Malamore.part1.rar – 304.4 MB
Malamore.part2.rar – 304.4 MB
Malamore.part3.rar – 304.4 MB
Malamore.part4.rar – 304.4 MB
Malamore.part5.rar – 304.4 MB

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