Babylon Pink (1979)

Alternative Titles:
Die feuchten Traume von Babylon
Mantidi in amore
Sonhos Sensuais

Year: 1979
Country: USA
Genre: Classic, Comedy, Drama
Quality: DVDRip
Language: Original

Director: Henri Pachard
Studio: WinVan Productions

Starring: Arcadia Lake, Bobby Astyr, Robert Kerman, Vanessa del Rio, Eric Edwards, Samantha Fox, David Morris, Debbie Revenge, Dave Ruby, Merle Michaels, Georgette Sanders, Georgina Spelvin
Description: This story delves into the hidden fantasies of several women. Each woman is loosely connected through a variety of ties to a business operated by a Ms. McGuiness. The story spans one day; during that day we see how each woman escapes her routine by submitting to the demands of a dream lover

Babylon Pink  (1979) screencaps

File Size: ~1100MB
Resolution: 688×528
Duration: 76 min
Format: mkv

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Babylon Pink.part1.rar – 272.6 MB
Babylon Pink.part2.rar – 272.6 MB
Babylon Pink.part3.rar – 272.6 MB
Babylon Pink.part4.rar – 272.6 MB

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