Catherine Cherie (Better Quality) (1982)

Catherine Cherie (Better Quality) (1982) cover

Year: 1982
Country: Germany / Spain
Genre: Erotic
Quality: DVBRip
Language: English, Spanish
Subtitles: English

Director: Jaime Jesus Balcazar, Hubert Frank

Starring: Berta Cabre, Micha Kaptein, Miguel Aviles, Dagmar Altman, Raquel Evans, Peter Steiner Jr., Jose Gras, Jacqueline Marcant, Ajita Wilson, Jaime Bascu, Antonio Molino Rojo
Description: Catherine is a young and sexually liberated girl with a boyish figure who lives with her older boyfriend Carlo, the author of erotic novels, in a seaside villa. There is also a maid there, with whom Catherine dallies on the side, lighting a fire under Carlo’s creativity. A photographer named Ian is determined to take provocative nude photos of Catherine and, when Carlo is summoned to Rome on business, it seems his chance has come.

Catherine Cherie (Better Quality) (1982) screenshot 1 Catherine Cherie (Better Quality) (1982) screenshot 2
Catherine Cherie (Better Quality) (1982) screenshot 3 Catherine Cherie (Better Quality) (1982) screenshot 4
Catherine Cherie (Better Quality) (1982) screenshot 5 Catherine Cherie (Better Quality) (1982) screenshot 6

Catherine Cherie (Better Quality) (1982) screencaps

File Size: ~2650MB
Resolution: 1184×688
Duration: 96 min
Format: mkv

Download Link(s):
Catherine Cherie.part1.rar – 340.0 MB
Catherine Cherie.part2.rar – 340.0 MB
Catherine Cherie.part3.rar – 340.0 MB
Catherine Cherie.part4.rar – 340.0 MB
Catherine Cherie.part5.rar – 340.0 MB
Catherine Cherie.part6.rar – 340.0 MB
Catherine Cherie.part7.rar – 340.0 MB
Catherine Cherie.part8.rar – 272.9 MB

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