Swinging Swappers (Better Quality) (1973)

Swinging Swappers (Better Quality) (1973) cover

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Year: 1973
Country: Germany / USA
Genre: Comedy, Erotic
Quality: DVDRip
Language: English

Director: Rex Brand, Ralf Gregan (as Ilja von Anutroff)
Studio: City Film

Starring: Heidrun Hankammer, Judith Fritsch, Heidi Kappler, Karl-Heinz Bauer, Gunter Glaser, Herbert Ubelmesser, Robert Schlurscheid, Monika Rohde, Marianne Koddermann, Ingrid Zeige, Gunther Kieslich, Narziss Sokatscheff, Michael Buttner, Claus Jurichs, Conny Bellenbaum, Rena Bergen, Hans-Joachim Ketzlin, Holger Ratschat, Pia Trajun, Carmen Van Der Poel
Description: Swinging Swappers is a series of vignettes, each telling the story of a different woman. The framing story has two smug bastards sitting at a bar, with one of the bastards telling stories about the sordid pasts of several local high society ladies. We have a story about typist hired by her boss to seduce his virginal son on his yacht. Another involves a woman kidnapped during a bank robbery who uses her womanly wiles to turn the robbers against each other.
The last and most baffling story involves a wealthy foreign diamond merchant who wants a bed a fellow guest at his hotel, a red-headed baroness. A chambermaid dyes her hair red and impersonates the baroness, since she just happens to look exactly like her.

Additional Info: The version on this disc is incomplete. Meaning the end of the movie is missing. It just stops suddenly.

Swinging Swappers (Better Quality) (1973) screenshot 1 Swinging Swappers (Better Quality) (1973) screenshot 2
Swinging Swappers (Better Quality) (1973) screenshot 3 Swinging Swappers (Better Quality) (1973) screenshot 4
Swinging Swappers (Better Quality) (1973) screenshot 5 Swinging Swappers (Better Quality) (1973) screenshot 6

Swinging Swappers (Better Quality) (1973) screencaps

File Size: ~1150MB
Resolution: 720×482
Duration: 63 min
Format: mkv

Download Link(s):
Swinging Swappers.part1.rar – 291.5 MB
Swinging Swappers.part2.rar – 291.5 MB
Swinging Swappers.part3.rar – 291.5 MB
Swinging Swappers.part4.rar – 291.5 MB

3 Responsesto “Swinging Swappers (Better Quality) (1973)”

  1. John says:

    This version is missing the last 22 minutes, the other (non- English version https://adultload.ws/2013/11/swinging-swappers-1973/) is the full movie

  2. icicle says:

    I know that. That is why i didn’t delete version with worse quality and other language

  3. Naaman Geist says:

    and it also has all the sex scenes cut. Pretty much worthless. Deleted it, myself.

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