Bonnie’s Kids (1973)

Bonnie's Kids (1973) cover

Alternative Title:
Tochter des Bosen

Year: 1973
Country: USA
Genre: Action, Drama, Erotic
Quality: BDRip
Language: Original
Subtitles: English

Director: Arthur Marks
Studio: Tommy J. Productions

Starring: Tiffany Bolling, Steve Sandor, Robin Mattson, Scott Brady, Alex Rocco, Leo Gordon, Max Showalter, Lenore Stevens, Timothy Brown, Nicholas Cortland, Luanne Roberts, Hal Baylor, Garrison True, Diana Darrin, Ron Gans, John Hart, Vern Rowe, Jimmy Lydon, Glenn Stensel, John Baer, Jim Drum, Larry J. Blake, Janie Greenspun, Dick Geary, Louis Moreno, Ben Shabtay, Sharon Gless, Beau Marks, Rickey Richardson, Ann Alisa, Richard Mansfield, Pat Anderson, Sharon Masters, Hedgemon Lewis
Description: Sisters Myra and Ellie have finally had enough of their miserable, dead-end lives. When their step-father Charley (The Bonnie from the title being long dead) tried to abuse Myra, Ellie ventilates him with a shotgun, and the pair run off to their wealthy uncle’s mansion in El Paso. From that point on, the two undergo a transformation in their personalities, and start to enjoy living their lives on the wild side.

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File Size: ~2100MB
Resolution: 1280×692
Duration: 106 min
Format: mkv

Download Link(s):
Bonnies Kids.part1.rar – 298.0 MB
Bonnies Kids.part2.rar – 298.0 MB
Bonnies Kids.part3.rar – 298.0 MB
Bonnies Kids.part4.rar – 298.0 MB
Bonnies Kids.part5.rar – 298.0 MB
Bonnies Kids.part6.rar – 298.0 MB
Bonnies Kids.part7.rar – 298.0 MB

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