La femme publique (Better Quality) (1984)

La femme publique (Better Quality) (1984) cover

Alternative Titles:
The Public Woman
Die offentliche Frau

Year: 1984
Country: France
Genre: Erotic, Drama
Quality: DVDRip
Language: Original
Subtitles: English

Director: Andrzej Zulawski
Studio: Hachette-Fox Productions

Starring: Francis Huster, Valerie Kaprisky, Lambert Wilson, Patrick Bauchau, Giselle Pascal, Roger Dumas, Diane Delor, Jean-Paul Farre, Olivier Achard, Yveline Ailhaud, Michel Albertini, Marianne Basler, Nathalie Becue, Lucas Belvaux, Rene Beriard
Description: An unexperienced young actress is invited to play a role in a film based on Dostoyevsky’s ‘The Possessed’. The film director, a Czech immigrant in Paris, takes over her life, and in a short time she is unable to draw the line between acting and reality. She winds up playing a real-life role posing as the dead wife of another Czech immigrant, who is manipulated by the filmmaker into commiting a political assasination.

La femme publique (Better Quality) (1984) screenshot 1 La femme publique (Better Quality) (1984) screenshot 2
La femme publique (Better Quality) (1984) screenshot 3 La femme publique (Better Quality) (1984) screenshot 4
La femme publique (Better Quality) (1984) screenshot 5 La femme publique (Better Quality) (1984) screenshot 6

La femme publique (Better Quality) (1984) screencaps

File Size: ~2250MB
Resolution: 720×526
Duration: 115 min
Format: mkv

Download Link(s):
La femme publique.part01.rar – 283.8 MB
La femme publique.part02.rar – 283.8 MB
La femme publique.part03.rar – 283.8 MB
La femme publique.part04.rar – 283.8 MB
La femme publique.part05.rar – 283.8 MB
La femme publique.part06.rar – 283.8 MB
La femme publique.part07.rar – 283.8 MB
La femme publique.part08.rar – 283.8 MB

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