Die dressierte Frau (1972)

Die dressierte Frau (1972) cover

Alternative Title:
The Disciplined Woman
Dressurakt fur wilde Madchen

Year: 1972
Country: Germany
Genre: Erotic, Drama, Comedy
Quality: DVDRip
Language: Original

Director: Ernst Hofbauer
Studio: Rapid Film

Starring: Astrid Frank, Esther Konrad, Heimo van Borg, Hansi Linder, Margot Mahler, Rosl Mayr, Bernd Bergemann, Ulrike Butz, Carmen Jackel, Monica Marc, Michael von Harbach, Evelyne Traeger, Hans Kern, Iris Wobker, Dietrich Kerky
Description: Although “Report” is not part of the title this film is a highly typical example of the Report-Film, this distinctly German subgenre of sex film. The subject is women’s emancipation, or rather: women’s role in West Germany’s society of the time.
Despite the exploitative treatment some episodes deal with real issues, but then others only make the mind boggle. One episode of the latter kind sees a woman’s sexual frustration increased by the noisy love-making of her flatmate. Understandably, she tries to relieve her urges with a vibrator, but then this implement packs up. To solve the problem she then calls an electrician who eventually does repair the device, but only after providing her temporarily with a quite lively replacement.

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File Size: ~1850MB
Resolution: 704×480
Duration: 84 min
Format: mp4

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