Samurai Cop (1989)

Samurai Cop (1989) cover

Year: 1989
Country: USA
Genre: Erotic, Action
Quality: BDRip
Language: English, English (Commentaries)

Director: Amir Shervan
Studio: Hollywood Royal Pictures

Starring: Mathew Karedas, Mark Frazer, Robert Z’Dar, Janis Farley, Melissa Moore, Gerald Okamura, Cameron, Dale Cummings, Cranston Komuro, Joselito Rescober, Jerry Black, Orlando Quijano, James Waltz, Reginald Williams, Tom Gleason
Description: Joe Marshall and Frank Washington are two police detectives who must stop the ruthless activities of the Katana, a renegade Yakuza gang composed of violent and sadistic killers who want to lead the drug trade in Los Angeles

Samurai Cop (1989) screenshot 1 Samurai Cop (1989) screenshot 2
Samurai Cop (1989) screenshot 3 Samurai Cop (1989) screenshot 4
Samurai Cop (1989) screenshot 5 Samurai Cop (1989) screenshot 6

Samurai Cop (1989) screencaps

File Size: ~2550MB
Resolution: 1280×720
Duration: 97 min
Format: mp4

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Samurai Cop.mp4 – 2.5 GB

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