Bordellet (1972)

Alternative Titles:
I gledens tegn
The Best Bit of Crumpet in Denmark

Year: 1972
Country: Denmark
Genre: Classic, Comedy
Quality: VHSRip
Language: Original

Director: Ole Ege
Studio: Con Amore

Starring: Lonny Feddersen, Ingerlise Gaarde, Gotha Andersen, Leni Kjellander, Sune Pilgaard, Palle Arestrup, Ulla Bjergskov, Marianne Nilsson, Marianne Feldsted, Conny Nielsen, Lisbeth Olsen, Jytte Petersen, Ole Ege, Alan North, Poul Glargaard
Description: The blond and sweet teenager Lena comes from the rural Seeland to find her happiness in Copenhagen, Denmark. Soon she lives in a brothel and for the first time in her life she enjoys sexual pleasures and meets many older gentlemen to guide her.

File Size: ~750MB
Resolution: 512×384
Duration: 81 min
Format: mp4

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  1. walt says:

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Directed by Ole Ege
    Produced by Anders Sandberg
    Written by Ole Ege
    Starring Lonny Feddersen, Inger-Lise Gaarde, Gotha Andersen, Leni Kjellander, Ole Ege

    Distributed by Dansk-Svensk Film (Denmark theatrical),
    Cambist Films (US theatrical),
    Alpha Blue Archives (US VHS)
    Release date
    10 July 1972
    Running time
    82 min
    Language Danish

    Bordellet is a 1972 Danish theatrical sex comedy film made by pornographic pioneer Ole Ege and was Denmark’s first full-length hardcore pornographic feature film.

    The story takes place around 1900 and involves a young girl, a brothel, and a hidden treasure.

    Typical for Danish hardcore sex comedies of the 1970s, the production was not blocked from hiring people from the mainstream film industry. The crew included cinematographer Morten Arnfred, also known as co-director of the TV miniseries The Kingdom (1994). The cast includes comedian Gotha Andersen, a popular mainstream film and television actor, and popular singer Inger-Lise Gaarde.

    The film started a decade-long run of Danish hardcore sex comedies.

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