I Jomfruens Tegn (1973)

Alternative Title:
Danish Pastries
I jungfruns tecken

Year: 1973
Country: Denmark
Genre: Classic, Comedy
Quality: WEBRip
Language: Danish
Subtitles: English, Chinese, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish

Director: Finn Karlsson
Studio: Con Amore

Starring: Ole Soltoft, Anne Bie Warburg, Ditte Maria, Doris Klemens, Eva Lindberg, Faith Thrue, Lene Andersen, Leni Kjellander, Liselot, Lone Gersel, Lone Helmer, Mette Egholm, Sigrid Horne-Rasmussen, Susan Skog, Vivi Rau, Bent Warburg, Bjorn Puggaard-Muller, Benny Hansen, Jan Klevbrand, Bent Rohweder, Frank Stein, Michael Wuthenau, Keld Rex Holm
—The impending approach of Venus – known to cause “disturbing erotic behavior” – sends two men with very different missions to the town of Petit-Bois. One to save the schoolgirls from lust, the other to test a new aphrodisiac. Chaos ensues
—“Professor Bomwitz invents and aphrodisiac and travels to a small town with a brothel to try it out. At the same time Armand is also going there to deal with the sex mad schoolgirls taught by Sigrid Horne Rasmussen. These girls are sent into a cellar for punishment but have a secret escape route which comes out opposite the brothel. When Armand arrives he is sent to the brothel by mistake. The prof meets some of the girls and puts some powder into a glass of fruit juice. Anne Birch Warburg drinks it and leaps on him, chases him into the countryside and has sex. Later, however, the prof finds he is impotent. He has bumped into Armand and their bags have been mixed up. This leads to a series of erotic events. ”

File Size: ~5900MB
Resolution: 1920×1080
Duration: 88 min
Format: mp4

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