La cuginette inglese (1975)

Alternative Titles:
The Erotic Adventures of Felicia
1001 Perversions of Felicia
Les mille et une perversions de Felicia
A Clockwork Nympho

Year: 1975
Country: France
Genre: Classic, Drama
Quality: DVDRip
Language: Italian, English

Director: Max Pecas
Studio: Les Films du Griffon

Starring: Mary Mendum, Jean Roche, Beatrice Harnois, Roland Charbaux, Ray Prevet, Nicole Daude, Christophe Alberola, Marlene Myller, Eva Khris, Stephane Maury
Description: Felicia comes to stay with Gabrielle and Paul. She is a petulant adolesecent who seduces everyone she encounters, including two models, Eva Khris and Marlène Myller, who are being photographed by Gabrielle. Paul resists, but eventually succumbs. On discovering this Gabrielle is at first upset then joins in.

File Size: ~1750MB
Resolution: 720×576
Duration: 95 min
Format: mp4

Download Link(s):
La cuginette inglese.mp4 – 1.7 GB

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