Le Sexe infernal (1973)

Alternative Titles:
Muschimaus mag’s grad heraus
Jagdzeit fur Naschkatzen

Year: 1973
Country: Germany
Genre: Erotic
Quality: HDTVRip
Language: French

Director: Hubert Frank
Studio: TIT-Munchen Film Produktion

Starring: Ulrike Butz, Josef Moosholzer, Uschi Stiegelmaier, Roland Trenk, Boris Bergenow, Fritz Goblirsch, Wolfgang Reinhard, Karl Krittl, Hansi Prinz, Bruno Thost
Description: Frivolous Senta (Ulrike Butz) is thrown out of her residence for a reason later explained. Owning just a suitcase and the clothes on her back (a raincoat) she decides to hitch a ride. To help achieve her goal she flashes her naked body to an unsuspecting driver, who crashes his car in disbelief. This little stunt lands her in court, but since she has no money to pay for the damages she is sentenced to… write down her memoirs! Inspired by classic erotic literature, Senta’s writings predominantly feature her past sexual encounters – presented as flashbacks – up to the point which led her into court.

File Size: ~2500MB
Resolution: 960×720
Duration: 70 min
Format: mp4

Download Link(s):
Le Sexe infernal.mp4 – 2.5 GB

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