Prison Girls (1972)

Year: 1972
Country: USA
Genre: Drama, Erotic
Quality: HDRip
Language: Original

Director: Tom DeSimone
Studio: Trans American Films, United Producers

Starring: Jacqueline Giroux, Annik Borel, Tracy Handfuss, Maria Arnold, Liz Wolfe, Linda York, Peggy Church, Dorothy Dick, Jamie McKenna, Marsha Jordan, Uschi Digard, Susan Landis, Neola Graef, Lois Darst, Ilona Lakes
Description: Six female prisoners are given a weekend furlough to prepare them for their upcoming parole. While out, they all have miscellaneous sexual experiences, some good, some bad. One returns to her pimp even though he beats her, one overcomes her frigidity, one gets gang abused, two join in a threesome, and one goes back to her criminal lover shortly before the police show up.

File Size: ~2300MB
Resolution: 720×400
Duration: 95 min
Format: mp4

Download Link(s):
Prison Girls.mp4 – 2.2 GB

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