Paris Kanal Sex (1984)

Alternative Titles:
Introductions anales et gorges voraces
Les jeunes baiseuses

Year: 1984
Country: France
Genre: Classic
Quality: VHSRip
Language: German

Director: Alain Payet (as John Love)

Starring: Piotr Stanislas, Jean-Pierre Armand, Tanya Valis, Jean-Paul Bride, Christoph Clark, Alain Payet, Isabelle Brel, Veronique, Framboise
Description: You would sit in front of your TV, choose Channel 6, and in front of you would appear a nude blonde announcing the latest in the world of sex. This and more offers you Paris, channel sex. Be it the Boratorin, who solves matrimonial problems or the view behind the scenes, where the sound engineer with the editor … Here the name holds what it promises!

File Size: ~850MB
Resolution: 640×480
Duration: 70 min
Format: mp4

Download Link(s):
Paris Kanal Sex.mp4 – 857.1 MB

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