Swedish Erotica 101: Accounting For It (1978)

Starring: Cris Cassidy, Miki Star, John Seeman
Description: Pauline with her luscious, vivacious breasts, breasts which can produce cream at any giving moment, visits her accountant with fouled-up receipts. She is asked to wait in another room where she meets Pepi, another curvaceous, sexy girl who is an immediate turn-on, and the girls find themselves having an affair. The accountant walks in on them and is urged into the affair with them. Among other sexually oriented pleasures, Pauline is introduced into an anal situation

File Size: 107MB
Resolution: 640×480
Duration: 07 min
Format: mp4

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Swedish Erotica 101 Accounting For It.mp4 – 107.4 MB

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