Super Climax (1980)

Alternative Title:
Im Fieber der Lust
La Mujer ninfomana
Party der Lust
Passions brulantes

Year: 1980
Country: Italy / France
Genre: Feature, Classic
Quality: VHSRip with some troubles
Language: Spanish

Director: Alexandre Borsky (Claudio Bernabei and Joe d’Amato)
Studio: Cinema 80

Starring: Giovanna Chemeri, Laura Levi, Monica Nickel, Sandy Samuel, Sonia Bennett, Mark Shannon

File Size: ~1500MB
Resolution: 688×416
Duration: 106 min
Format: avi

Download Link(s):
Super Climax.avi – 1.5 GB

25 Responsesto “Super Climax (1980)”

  1. jerome says:

    Another Great Great Classic by Joe D’Amato .
    Thank you so much Admin, and now check pornovideo 1981′ is the only miss of D’Amato series.
    Thank you so much for labbra bagnate and thank you so much for Superclimax and thank you so much, i’m certanly for the future, for pornovideo

  2. Mino says:

    Pornovideo 1981 is a twin movie of labbra bagnate 1981
    Good luck

  3. lillo says:

    Labbra bagnate
    Are 3 best production of Joe D’Amato

  4. Gaetano says:

    Thank you so much Admin for labbra bagnate and for super climax two Great world Classic movie

  5. Salvatore says:

    Thank you so much for this Wonderful movie.
    Have you information about the complete VHS rip of this another Classic with Laura Levi called OH ANGELINA 1982
    Thank you so much

  6. Lio says:

    Wow two Great Classic in few days, Congratulations Admin, Superclimax and labbra bagnate apre two Great world Classic in the history directed by the genius Joe D’Amato, Congratulations, if you Wanna i can cut the trouble with cut programma audio video and the movie effective is circa 90 min and not sixteen min of trouble audio video.

  7. Lio says:

    The effective time is circa 90min in avi MP4 format.
    This is an old VHS 95 min with 5 minute S plus by different 25 fps and old 30 fps and 3 Minutes of black audio video at the end of VHS, so the effective duration of movie is 90 min.
    Thank you so much

  8. Pierre says:

    Therese no problem everyone can convert in flash video player and there is no more trouble

  9. Albertino says:

    Is there anibody can upload the last D’Amato missing movie pornovideo 1981 Thank you so much

  10. John says:

    Hi Dear Friends, is there someone can upload another two great movies with Laura Levi , one of the best actress in the history,
    Una ragazza vogliosa 1981 and
    Oh… Angelina 1982
    Thank you so much for this incredible site

  11. Licio says:

    Is there someone can upload the oh Angelina 1982 directed by Bruno vani

  12. aldo says:

    is this i think

    Oh…Angelina! Bruno Vani
    v.c. del 10.08.82
    ppp: 01/09/82

  13. danilo says:

    Can upload blue erotic climax 1980 but not the incomplete Italian Version but the complete Spanish version climax azul erotico 1984

    And cameriera senza malizia 1980 but not the soft Italian version but the German hard version called wild girls private stuntmen derby lust edited by uvg video and relax video

  14. danilo says:

    Also someone can upload Labbra bagnate but the Spanish version labios mojados

  15. Ciro says:

    There’s someone can upload the Vhsrip of the four missing movies of Laura Levi

    1 I racconti immorali di Manuela
    2 oh Angelina
    3 una ragazza vogliosa
    4 la lingua di Erika without credits
    Thanks for this wonderful website

  16. Aldo says:

    Is very difficult to find oh Angelina, and una ragazza vogliosa .
    But I hope in this wonderful website , my friend
    Thanks for your fantastic suggesting

  17. Tito says:

    Hi, someone can upload this old movie with marina hedman and Laura Levi

    Febbre a 40 buon compleanno Harry 1980


  18. benoit says:

    Oh…Angelina! (Bruno Vani 1982)

    Una ragazza vogliosa (Giovanni Leacche, 1983)

    missing classic


  19. vivienne says:

    dear Benot oh … angelina 82 not are available on , because its only an old italisn classic vhs.
    i think is very difficult to try that
    good luck

  20. davide says:

    Dear Vivienne, nothing is impossible for this super website, I hope one day , everyone, can see the Wonderful Oh…Angelina directed by Bruno Vani, because is a world classic movie

  21. Ivo says:

    Oh yes , Oh … Angelina 1982′ is a great classic, but I think unfortunaly, is not available

  22. oliviero says:

    Thank you, the best is the original Lasse Braun Zozzerie di una moglie in calore with the great Laura Levi

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