Das Sex-Taxi / Chiamate 6969: Taxi Per Signora(1981)

Year: 1981
Country: Italy
Genre: Classic, Comedy
Quality: VHSRip
Language: German

Director: Mario Bianchi (as Alan W. Cools)
Studio: Cinevideo 80, Filmar Compagnia Cinematografica

Starring: Enzo Andronico, Marina Hedman, Guia Lauri Filzi, Marcella Petrelli, Mark Shannon, Nino Terzo, Aldo Ralli, Pauline Teutscher, Giulio Milella, Mary Botle, Anna Gladysek, John Harrison, Rick Miller, Marianne Remont

File Size: ~1300MB
Resolution: 768×576
Duration: 81 min
Format: mp4

Download Link(s):
Das SexTaxi.mp4 – 1.3 GB

13 Responsesto “Das Sex-Taxi / Chiamate 6969: Taxi Per Signora(1981)”

  1. Vincenzo says:

    Another Great Gift, by this wonderful site, this is one of the first best Italian classic world movie, thank you so much Admin, and now everyone wait other best classic like this, for example
    La Zia svedese
    Lamica di Sonia
    Laristocratica perversa
    By Mario siciliano
    Or by Bruno vani and Giovanni leaches
    una ragazza vogliosa
    La lingua di Erika
    Oh Angelina
    Or by arsuino Sacco
    La case delle hostess
    Thanks Admin

  2. Vincenzo says:

    A little bit confusion non la casa delle hostess but
    La casa delle vedove by arduino Sacco

  3. Ivo says:

    This movie is dedicated to Mario Bianchi at the old movie taxi per signora of Sergio Bergonzelli can you upload also the movie of Bergonzelli

  4. Fred says:

    Well, few days, much people talking about Angelina superporno reedited oh Angelina , I think this is one of the first Italian classic of the best season of Italian hard erotic 1980 1985 , much people talk , I hope we can find this classic, thanks.

  5. Willer says:

    Yes, hope me too, good luck, all

  6. Mark says:

    This wonderful site realize the last mouth much dream and desire of classic like Labbra bagnate, messalina oggi, Pornovideo, super climax.
    And is for this best Italian world classic I believe in other classic to be uploadable in the future.

  7. Piero says:

    yes is true this wonderful site is the best in the world , you have reason Mark is true, the last month Labbra bagnate, messalina oggi, Pornovideo, super climax and the dream come true.
    And other classic to be uploadable in the future.
    Thank you so much Admin

  8. Daniele says:

    The original italian version
    The best version

  9. Simone says:

    Thank you so much for this fantastic classic ultra rare.
    Can you post the original version
    Thank you so much

  10. Oliver says:

    In italian original is much better

  11. mino says:

    thank you so much
    but can upload the italian classic
    thank you

  12. Paul says:

    Hi dear fiend, I think is very difficult to obtain the original version of this fantastic movie. Because this movie exist, yes of course, but anyone realize a conversion vhsrip.
    Like soft and hard version exist only in vhs.
    The goal is to obtain a vhsrip, let me say info about that, and thank you, for this precious information of this great great classic.

  13. angelo says:

    I think the Italian channel ODEON TV take an erotic version tv version.

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