Marina e il gigolo (1985)

Alternative Titles:
Marina’s gigolo
La Voglia de Marina
Le Voglie di Marina

Year: 1985
Country: Italy
Genre: Classic
Quality: VHSRip
Language: Original

Director: Luigi Grosso (as Bill Lewis)
Studio: Hot Video, La Extra International Film

Starring: Marina Hedman, Joselita Capponi, Giuliano Rosati, Erminio Bianchi
Description: The first scene is gay!

File Size: ~1400MB
Resolution: 720×576
Duration: 74 min
Format: mp4

Download Link(s):
Marina e il gigolo.mp4 – 1.4 GB

4 Responsesto “Marina e il gigolo (1985)”

  1. haremist says:

    i cant belive it.
    I just love it!

    2 days ago i asked if anybody knows the movie, with marina hedman where she seduces 2 nephews in front of her husband … and today its online.

    thx god for this board and for the uploader.

    Thank you!

  2. haremist says:

    pooh .. i was too fast.
    mea culpa

    this is for sure a very good and horny marina movie, but it is not the one i hoped it was.

    The one i am looking for has a scene with marina where she ties her husband to a chair in a living room. And then she seduces and fucks two nephews on a couch while her husband has to witness the scene.

    she even stops fucking, gets up and turns her husbands head back to the couch…
    where the threesome gets on …

    i am already searching for this movie for 20 years and hope someone can help or at least tell me the movie title.

    thx and kind regards

  3. Eric says:

    Another Great movie, thanks Admin.
    And now altogether wait and hope
    OH ANGELINA 1982




  4. Gilberto says:

    Hi, dear friends, probably is this 3 Classic

    1 la ninfomane il trans e lo stallone
    2 la zia svedese the uncut version
    Or 3 Marina un vulcano di piacere

    The scene with Marina and his daughter and watch double with Marina and two men

    Thanks for the question

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