Dirty Lily (1978)

Year: 1978
Country: USA
Genre: Classic
Quality: DVDRip
Language: Original

Director: Chuck Vincent (as Marc Ubell)
Studio: Video-X-Pix

Starring: Beth Anna, Sharon Mitchell, C.J. Laing, Marlene Willoughby, Molly Malone, Eric Edwards, Robert Kerman, Kurt Mann, Roger Caine, W.P. Dremak, Marlow Ferguson, Peter Andrews
Description: Once upon a time a little girl grew up to be a very stacked young lady…
When, Lilly, called Dirty Lilly by her friends, got too big and too hot for her mother to handle she was thrown out into the world on her own. So begins her search for Daddy, who left Mommy so many years ago.
Her first stop is Daddy’s lawyer who has some quasi-legal ideas regarding Lilly. Following some office fun, the lawyer sends Lilly to the set of a porno film where Daddy was seen last… The next scene is Lilly’s! Mistaken for the star, Lilly plays her part with gusto and is given the next clue to Daddy’s whereabouts by the director who steers her to Daddy’s mistress, Ginger.
Ginger and Lilly romp together and after a series of exciting adventures, including an interlude with a kinky muscleman, Lilly finds her Daddy… much to her surprise

File Size: ~850MB
Resolution: 512×368
Duration: 72 min
Format: mp4

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  1. walt says:

    A Riotous Sex Romp In Search Of Daddy
    skip-699816 September 2015
    Warning: Spoilers
    The movie begins with Lilly in character (played by Bethanna) describing to viewers that what they are about to see is a movie about her life and dispels the credits verbally, naming some of the actors and actresses that will appear along with some of the crew members, including the costume designer and director among others. The story begins with innocent and ditsy Lilly working as a secretary for businessman Mr. Big (played by Marlow Ferguson), presumably out of his home. When the police are about to descend on him because of some shady business practices, he flees, leaving Lilly without a job. When she returns home, she finds her mother (played by Molly Malone) having a seance of sorts and learns from beyond that her sweet daughter is to become a harlot. Hearing this, she kicks Lilly out of the house and instructs her to live with her deadbeat father. Her search for Raymond Wallbanger takes her to New York City where she traces down her father’s past friends and associates from lawyer Mr. Shyster (played by Eric Edwards), to a blue movie film director (played by Kurt Mann) to a former lover (played by C.J. Laing), to a business associate (played by Roger Caine), to a group of Satan worshipers (led by W.P. Dremak). Of course, each of these meetings includes a sexual encounter of some sort. Finally, she gets her father’s current address which is actually back in her hometown where she started. And to her surprise, her father is actually… The story was pretty basic and could have benefited from the inclusion of a sub-plot, perhaps an antagonist trying to prevent Lilly from achieving her goal. Story Grade: B.

    This movie was shot on film. Medium Grade: A.

    Actual locations were used in this production. There were also numerous outdoor scenes with Lilly walking along the sidewalks of New York City. Set Design Grade: A.

    The sexual performances were energetic and the performers seemed genuinely enthusiastic. Sexual Performances Grade: A.

    The comedy was played by all of the characters very well, although some may have been over the top. Kurt Mann’s performance as the film director was hysterical, and those scenes may have been the funniest in the film. Dialogue was delivered with conviction. Eric Edwards did a great tumble in his scene. Acting Grade: A-.

    Costumes and make-up were appropriate for the characters. Wardrobe/Make-up Grade: A.

    Some of the scenes may have been a little dark, but it played into the reality of the setting, such as the candlelit bedroom scene with Bethanna and C.J. Laing. Lighting Grade: B+.

    Classical music selections formed a portion of the film’s score. The sound quality was good and consistent throughout. Sound Grade: A.

    The film was well-shot and well-edited. Directing Grade: A.

    Given the use of actual locations and a stable of fine actors, there was clearly an effort to make a good movie. The scene with the Satan worshipers may have been the most artfully done. Artistic Merit Grade: A.


  2. walt says:

    scenes at iafd.com

    1. Bethanna, Eric Edwards
    2. Bethanna, Sharon Mitchell, R. Bolla
    3. Bethanna, C.J. Laing
    4. Bethanna, Marlene Willoughby, Roger Caine
    5. Bethanna, David Ruby, faceless guy, Peter Andrews

  3. TexTom101 says:

    The actual poster for the movie with extensive restoration of damage. Prettier than a DVD or VHS cover: https://www.imagebam.com/view/ME2LMHF

  4. Dale N Kusick says:

    Does anyone know the name ofthe beautiful brunette who at some point of the 1970’s movie starring Johnny holms walks in on him while he’s lying on his back buck naked, starring straight at the ceiling which had nothing but a bright bulb turned on. She had on a thin greenish color dress and sat next to him and started rubbing him. Before long, they we’re fucking.

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