Lost Souls (1980)

Alternative Titles:
Da She
Frauen im Foltercamp

Year: 1980
Country: Hong Kong
Genre: Erotic, Drama
Quality: WEBRip
Language: English, Chinese
Subtitles: English, Chinese

Director: Tun Fei Mou
Studio: Shaw SB Scope

Starring: Fei Ai, Han Kwong Chan,Shen Chan, Stephen Chan Yung, Ming Chen, Kin Lung Cheung, Han Chiang, Feng Chi, Chih Hung Chiu, Kin Ping Chow, Fung Hung, Hsin Nan Hung, Mei Chiu Kao, Yi Yao Ko, Hsing Chao Lai, Ming Lai, Jenny Liang, Peng-fei Li, Kwong Kwok Lu, Chi Choi Mok, Tun Fei Mou, Lao Shen, Yu Chang Tang, Ching Ho Wang, Tien Tsai Wei, Tang Tak Wing, Kam Bo Wong, Yu Fen Wu, Hung Yen, Hsiang Lin Yin
Description: In 1980, Hong Kong implemented a “catch and release” policy for stowaways, but on the other hand, the trend of stowaways from the mainland continued, which gave rise to a “snake fighting” industry in which some gangs kidnapped people and snakes and extorted money from their relatives.
A quan (wild goose red is acted the role of) with husband, little brother big kind 3 people are searched for “diamond hill” sneak over arrives harbor, although escape police to go up in beach fortunately round up catch, fall into the hand that hits snake gang however.
Hit snake gang leader crane ye (Jason is acted the role of) the method is poisonous and hot, do not hesitate to lead others to attack other gang to rob a person snake, capture 3 people and other 20 many person snake captive to stronghold to guard successively, crane ye and at hand cruel abuse humiliate everybody snake, the person snake that does not blackmail value sells.a large kind of unbearable snake gang abuse, and the other side against life, the snakes and men took advantage of the situation to escape successfully, a quan husband was caught by the police when all desperate to run to the diamond mountain, but waiting for him is a deep disillusionment…

File Size: ~3550MB
Resolution: 1920×996
Duration: 94 min
Format: mp4

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