Kurutta kajitsu (1981)

Alternative Title:
Crazed Fruit

Year: 1981
Country: Japan
Genre: Drama, Erotic
Quality: BDRip
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: Japanese, English

Director: Kichitaro Negishi
Studio: Nikkatsu

Starring: Yuji Honma, Yuki Ninagawa, Eiko Nagashima, Nobutaka Masutomi, Eiji Okada, Kinuko Obata, Go Awazu, Yoko Azusa, Akira Hanaue, Toshiyuki Kitami, Daisuke Musoh, Tessen Nakahira, Ken Nakamoto, Toshihiko Oda, Akio Suzuki
Description: Here’s a terrific updating of the 1956 Nikkatsu classic Crazed Fruit; a new version that is superior to the original. While the original was a seminal sun tribe classic, the new version examines the 1980s Japanese youth from a more intimate, less political perspective. Consequently, it’s a remake in name only. The film focuses on the unstable relationship between two youngsters: a guy working in a sex club and a rich girl who trades her stepfather lover for a younger boyfriend just for a change. Neither one of them really understand each other – or themselves. Like many of director Kichitaro Negishi’s other films, this movie would also be more at home in Art Theatre Guild’s catalogue than in the Roman Porno series where it was released (Negishi’s next film, Distant Thunder, was, in fact, an ATG production). The film features all of Negishi’s strengths: energetic visual approach, terrific use of pop music, freezy outdoor scenes, and quiet moments which challenge the viewer to analyze the complex characters. The last 5 minutes features some of the most stylish cinema even seen in the Roman Porno genre. Acting is thoroughly great as well. Lead actor Yuji Honma comes from Art Theatre Guild and the female star Yuki Ninagawa likewise has mainstream background. Neither one of them ever appeared in another Roman Porno production. Supporting actors are just as good: Eiji Okada (Hiroshima mon amour), talented Roman Porno regular Nobutaka Masutomi, and Eiko Nagashima whose performance as child-like, miserable yet energetic hooker is strangely toughing and one of the film’s highlights

File Size: ~3500MB
Resolution: 1920×782
Duration: 84 min
Format: mp4

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Kurutta kajitsu.mp4 – 3.4 GB
Kurutta kajitsu.rar – 27.8 MB

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