The Story of a Hole (1983)

Original Title:
I Istoria tis Tripas

Year: 1983
Country: Greece
Genre: Classic
Quality: VHSRip
Language: Original

Director: Vagelis Papadimas
Studio: Cine-Pik

Starring: Pavlos Andreou, Monika Dimitriou, Pavlos Karanikolas, Giorgos Karras, Jenny Kontou, Aris Kosmatos, Magia Mitrou, Maria Spathi, Karolos Tore, Anna Zafeiropoulou
Description: The film begins with chunky girl Daisy taking a shower and then having sex in the bathroom with her very athletic boyfriend. Soon after he cums, Daisy informs him that three of her (former) schoolmates will be joining her to spend a few days’ vacation in her house. Later on, the four friends have a coffee in Daisy’s living room and decide to discuss their strongest sex experiences. Keti (Katy) recalls a visit of Takis, with whom she has sex. Shortly afterwards, Yannis knocks on Keti’s door to find out what’s going on. A second round of heated sex then takes place, during which Keti is DP’d in both reverse cowgirl and cowgirl positions.
It’s (busty brunette) Anna’s turn to present her story, which she actually shares with the fourth girl, chunky Lisa. Their car having broken down on the way to Athens, the two girls were waiting for some help by the highway. Luckily enough, a lorry passes by and its driver and his friend offer to carry them to Athens, but not before having made some sexual moves towards them. All of them stop near a river in some open field; the moustached guy fucks Anna in the back of the lorry (anal included), while his friend gets a blowjob by Lisa, only to abandon her shortly after and join the other two. Lisa gets a refreshing bath in the river. All of a sudden, a wandering photographer shows up, insists on taking some photos of her and proceeds to fuck her vigorously. In parallel, we get a glimpse of what’s going on between Anna and the two friends. But this (quite lengthy) sex scene hasn’t yet come to its end. The two friends, after having taken care of Anna, are still horny: they lure Lisa into more sex action, culminating in another DP!
It’s finally the hostess Daisy’s turn to narrate her sex story. Before doing so, she has to get herself some cigarettes from her bedroom. As she enters the room, she discovers that her boyfriend had already returned home and is lying in bed. They start immediately to have sex, only to be soon watched through the door by curious Keti. She then returns to the living room, suggesting that all the girls should immediately invite their boyfriends over to the apartment for a group orgy, but the two other girls are very reluctant about it, and eventually leave the place. But this doesn’t prevent Keti from phoning her boyfriend Andreas to join in with them. He actually shows up and has sex with her. This is how the film comes to an end, since no more evidence of what was going on in the other bedroom was ever shown again!

File Size: ~1050MB
Resolution: 512×384
Duration: 74 min
Format: mp4

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The Story of a Hole.mp4 – 1.0 GB

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