Swedish Erotica 095: Jokers Are Wild (1970’s)

Starring: Don Fernando, Ken Scudder
Description: Two clever and adventurous garbage collectors have found, during their daily rounds, very skimpy underwear in the trash of one of their calls. They come up with a plan where they go to the girls house, and posing as building inspectors, tell her that there are several code violations, and that she will have to be reported. She pleads with them not to, and askes if there is anything she can do, which is what they wanted to hear. Lustily they look on as she strips and then lets them have their own way. They really do some new tricks and she ends up enjoying it as much as they do!

File Size: 72MB
Resolution: 704×500
Duration: 06 min
Format: mp4

Download Link(s):
Swedish Erotica 095 Jokers Are Wild.mp4 – 71.5 MB

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