Golden Girls 049: Summer Love (1980’s)

Starring: Tina Blair, Kevin James
Description: For the young woman in this movie, love in the afternoon takes on a whole new meaning. A passionate romp in the middle of the day with no one around except the object of your desire becomes an all-too-consuming decadence. Just think … with not a care in the world, all she need concern herself with is the skillful use of her hand and tongue to elicit just the right expression from him–a luscious trickle of cum as it oozes from his well-spent member! What a good summer day!
Original notes: The warme, penetrating rays of the noon day sun are bathing Barbara’s restless body. What she needs, and gets, when Ted arrives, is a warm, penetrating feeling between her legs.

File Size: 138MB
Resolution: 544×416
Duration: 08 min
Format: mp4

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Golden Girls 049 Summer Love.mp4 – 137.5 MB

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