Collection Film 126: Love Juices (Better Quality) (1980’s)

Starring: Laurie Smith, Jeff Conrad
Description: “Love Juices” is part of the Collection series and was shot using 8 mm film. This short (just over 5 minutes) shows a young couple (Linda and Geoff) truly enjoying each other’s essence and you will watch them devour each other whole. Linda just can’t wait until she gets her hands on Geoff’s sweet gooey nectar.
Original Liner Notes: While Geoff is out for his morning jog he trespasses on Linda’s property. First she’s upset, but after looking at the bulge in his shorts, she welcomes him into her house with open arms and legs. It’s a welcome change mixing sweet love juices and white hot cum!

File Size: 85MB
Resolution: 714×536
Duration: 06 min
Format: mp4

Download Link(s):
Collection Film 126 Love Juices.mp4 – 84.7 MB

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