Con la zia non è peccato (Hard Version) (1980)

Alternative Title:
With Aunt It’s Not a Sin

Year: 1980
Country: Italy
Genre: Classic, Comedy
Quality: VHSRip
Language: Original

Director: Giuseppe Pulieri
Studio: Blue Movie

Starring: Marina Hedman, Antonella Antinori, Pietro Aiello, Alex Partexano, Gino Pagnani, Mauro Vestri, Elio Stefanizzi, Catherine Zago, Lina Tabacchino, Vanessa Vitale, Salvatore Puntillo
Description: The rich Gloria, resident for years in the United States, returns to live in her native country in Sicily, where she is welcomed by her sister-in-law, widow Antonia and her son Saro. The beautiful Gloria does not fail to arouse particular interest in the inhabitants of the place, especially in a building speculator, the engineer De Vita, who intends at all costs to get hold Gloria’s land. She will be able to seduce the man, and then allow herself to the sister-in-law and the nephew before leaving for the USA

File Size: ~1200MB
Resolution: 640×480
Duration: 92 min
Format: mp4

Download Link(s):
Con la zia non e peccato.mp4 – 1.2 GB

6 Responsesto “Con la zia non è peccato (Hard Version) (1980)”

  1. nino says:

    well another great, wonderful, magnificent. big, giant classic
    thanks admin

  2. franck says:

    Therese a twin version play motel
    Please upload

  3. Boyu says:

    Are these hardcore inserts of body doubles or actors performing them?

    • adultload says:

      INFO fro EGAFD:
      I suspect this was originally made as a softcore film since most of the actors are established non-pornographic actors. There are several hardcore scenes with Marina Hedman but they all appear to have been shot separately from the rest of the film.

      Most of these hardcore sequences take place early in the film. During the opening credits, we see Marina and a short-haired woman (XNK5050) drive away from an airport and we next see them having lesbian sex in a bedroom. The next hard scene also takes place during the opening moments as Marina takes an excessively hairy guy (Alfonso Gaita) back home to have sex. Later in the film, a man (Bruno Romagnoli) surprises Marina by walking in on her while she is in the shower. She doesn’t mind though, and quickly gets down on her knees to service him.

      XNK5050, Gaita and Romagnoli do not appear elsewhere in the film, which supports the theory that these scenes were shot separately.

      A lengthy sex scene between Marina and Alessandro Partexano also features some hardcore (blowjob and brief fucking) but all the shots of hardcore activity have clearly been shot separately with Marina and a body double for Partexano. The ‘double’ is painfully obvious because he’s much hairier than Partexano.

      Finally, the scene where Marina and Pietro Aiello have sex in the woods also features some hardcore: plenty of vaginal penetration shots and a quick blowjob but, again, it is obviously not Aiello himself who performs in this hard footage.

      The only exception to the rule is the lesbian scene between Marina and Antonella Antinori, which features some hard-ish fingering that is actually performed on Antonella herself and not a body double.

  4. Boyu says:

    Thank you for the info

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