Diary of a Nymph (1971)

Year: 1971
Country: USA
Genre: Classic, Drama
Quality: DVDRip
Language: Original

Director: Anthony Spinelli
Studio: Pyramid Productions

Starring: Annette Michael, Susan Westcott
Description: Tracy (Susan Westcott) enjoys a bout of sex with her husband. Unfortunately he enjoys it a little too much and it’s all over rather quickly (he cums inside her too, which you don’t get to see that often in “rhythm” flicks). The husband rolls over and is asleep within seconds, leaving Tracy to masturbate herself to orgasm – the room glowing with violet hues as she goes about her merry fiddling.
Later in the day, with her husband at work, Tracy decides to take advantage of the sunny weather and sunbathes in her bikini in the back garden. As her mind wanders back to her early morning fiddle she becomes turned on again and starts caressing her knickers region. None of which goes unnoticed by her peeping tom neighbor.
The neighbor promptly calls round Tracy’s house and forces himself upon her. Initially indisposed, she soon warms to the idea and starts to orally pleasure the sweaty brute. However, much to her dismay, he climaxes on her lips (it’s nauseating seeing Westcott gag as she samples a taste of his cum).
Tracy berates the neighbor for his lack of stamina, which leads him to drag her up the stairs and give her a good seeing to. During which, Tracy has no qualms about giving her sweaty suitor’s crack a good licking – but, curiously, won’t let him take her up the backside.
The film continues along these lines, with Tracy being introduced to more sexual experiences while wishing her husband offered more. Come the conclusion, when he walks in on one of her escapades, he does indeed see the light and all’s well that ends well.

File Size: ~800MB
Resolution: 624×448
Duration: 71 min
Format: mp4

Download Link(s):
Diary of a Nymph.mp4 – 800.6 MB

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