O Bom Marido (1978)

Year: 1978
Country: Brazil
Genre: Erotic, Comedy
Quality: HDTVRip
Language: Portuguese

Director: Antonio Calmon
Studio: Atlantida Cinematografica, Sincrocine

Starring: Renato Coutinho, Maria Lucia Dahl, Nuno Leal Maia, Marcos Nilo Matstani, Cinthia Miller, Judy Miller, Paulo Cesar Pereio, Sandra Pera, Helber Rangel, Mii Saki, Yoshio Sato, Flavio Sao Thiago, Mauro Jungi Ura, Marineide Vidal
Description: Couple spend more than they can afford. In financial trouble, the husband Afraninho devises a strange kind of business, for foreign executives, in which the product is his own wife Malu. They succeed, and soon other couples start doing the same thing, establishing the competition
Storyline: The couple Afraninho Carvalho and Malu need to close a deal with foreign industrialists to get money. For this, Afraninho makes his wife have sex with the intended partners. Otto Fassbinder arrives in Brazil to set up a urinal industry. He will only release the money for Afraninho after going to bed with Malu. The couple will host him at their home in Petropolis and they ask the maids to prepare a good feijoada. In the course of the party a maid convinces Petrarca, the German’s loyal employee, to run away with the deal money. With that, Afraninho’s plan goes downhill forcing the couple to try a new business in Sao Paulo. Malu now will have to have sex with a rich old Japanese, Nomura, but another couple, Borba Gato and Raquelita, with similar practices, also want to close deal with the businessman. Nomura will have to choose the new partner between the two. As much as the two women insinuate themselves, the Japanese don’t pay them any attention because Tokyo Rose is his insatiable lover. Thus, the Japanese who wants to sell vibrators in Brazil, does a sales test with both men, and Afraninho is the winner. Before the deal is closed, Mr. Nomura suddenly dies and fails to do business. Out of money again, the couple set off to Arabia after another scam

File Size: ~1550MB
Resolution: 980×720
Duration: 80 min
Format: mp4

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