Four Dimensions of Greta (1972)

Alternative Titles:
Die vier Dimensionen der Lust
Three Dimensions of Greta

Year: 1972
Country: UK
Genre: Erotic, Comedy
Quality: DVDRip
Language: Original

Director: Pete Walker
Studio: Peter Walker (Heritage) Ltd.

Starring: Tristan Rogers, Karen Boyes, Alan Curtis, Robin Askwith, Leena Skoog, Kenneth Hendel, John Clive, Nick Zaran, Martin Wyldeck, Godfrey Kenton, Pearl Hackney, Elizabeth Bradley, Erika Raffael, Felicity Devonshire, Jane Cardew
Description: A reporter tracks down a missing German slut in London. From the title and poster art, one might expect a cheap and dirty dubbed German sex film here, so its quite a surprise to find a sordid, arty and witty little British melodrama, full of cheap and dirty sex to be sure, but more akin to classic 60s Brit-Pop like “The Touchables” and “Performance,” with a touch of “Smashing Time” thrown in. This exciting film does a great take on sleazy 60s London, as we visit basement strip joints, psychedelic dance clubs and spooky mob-run gambling dens, all with a gritty real-world feel to them. There is enough weird sex to keep the most jaded viewer occupied, including lesbianism, marital betrayal, a great hippy orgy and a gang [email protected] Even cooler, however, are scenes told in flashback that are in actual 3-D. These scenes are quite bizarre without glasses, and with them, surely even wilder. One great shot has Greta shoving her great big boobs into the screen. There’s also a great/awful theme song, sung by “Huckleberry Fynn,” and enough plot loopholes to keep you going “Huh?” all night. Surely a lost goody.

File Size: ~950MB
Resolution: 608×464
Duration: 85 min
Format: mp4

Download Link(s):
Four Dimensions of Greta.mp4 – 930.4 MB

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