Randy The Electric Lady (1980)

Year: 1980
Country: USA
Genre: Classic
Quality: VHSRip
Language: Original

Director: Phillip Schuman, Zachary Strong (uncredited)
Studio: Fast Forward Films, VCA

Starring: Desiree Cousteau, Monica Sands, Roger Frazer, Juliet Anderson, Cyrus James, Zachary Strong, Lori Blue, Claire Lucerne, Jesie St. James, Mary Sue Hoffer, Gina D’Amato, Crystal Royce, Brenda Stewart, Steve Miller, John Sleuther
—Eager young ladies enter ‘research’ establishment, from which one recruit is found to be able to ‘obtain’ a powerful passion elixir, ‘Orgasmatin’, to which the evil dominatrix owner then seeks to sell to a secretive cabal highest bidder.
—“The name of this film is RANDY, with THE ELECTRIC LADY added later probably for unneeded pizzazz. RANDY is a delightful sci-fi comedy that was made in 1978, two years earlier than its release date. The film is carefully crafted nonsense and makes full use of Desiree Cousteau’s sexual and acting abilities. She is truly enthusiastic and uninhibited in the role of Randy, a free spirit experiencing problems with orgasm. She turns to a research center headed by Doctors Tully and Harrison, played by Monica and Roger. Under their testing, Randy learns that she produces a substance called ‘orgasmine’ when she climaxes, and in no time at all she short circuits all of the lab equipment.
“The head of the institute, the evil Dr. Pandreck (played by Juliet Anderson to the hilt) realizes that control of orgasmine will rule the world. People involved with it experience complete and utter passion and can easily be controlled. After the good doctors spirit Randy to a country hideout, she is kidnapped by the wicked henchpersons of Pandreck and forced to produce the substance for them. From that point on, the film becomes pure sexual farce.
“RANDY is brilliantly put together. It is witty, charming and sexually hot, one of the few films I would classify as totally professional. The best scene of the film is at the country estate, where Monica’s jealousy melts and she, Desiree and Roger find themselves in a sensuous three-way by the fireplace. Monica has not appeared in another film, to the best of my knowledge, and she is something to behold. Desiree is the ideal perfect love toy, and she is not a sex object here, because of the plot. Watch enough dreck, you’re bound to find some jewels. This is one of the rarest.”

File Size: ~1150MB
Resolution: 576×432
Duration: 73 min
Format: mp4

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  1. Wendel says:

    Actually saw this one IN the theater when it was released.

  2. TexTom101 says:

    Much cleaner, restored version of the poster: https://www.imagebam.com/view/ME27UC7

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