Collection Film 115: Ball-E-Ball (1970’s)

Starring: Loni Sanders, Mike Ranger
—A very cute brunette girl is out the soccer field kicking a few balls around and she sees a hot guy off in the distance. They are immediately attracted to one another and it’s not long before their completely naked enjoying each other’s bodies. She is pleasantly surprised by the size of his cock and he fulfills her fantasy. This film was shot on 8mm film (in color).
—Jenni becomes interested in two handsome young men playing ball in the park… cheering them on to extraordinary feats of skill and daring. She’s also playful and just a little bit naughty as she steals the ball and gets Mike to chase her… right into the bedroom and eventually into her cute little pair of panties! For such a little lady, she gets it up real big for a juicy end to a juicy film!

File Size: 180MB
Resolution: 854×480
Duration: 06 min
Format: mp4

Download Link(s):
Collection Film 115 Balle ball.mp4 – 180.0 MB

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