Gulp (1976)

Year: 1976
Country: USA
Genre: Classic, Comedy
Quality: DVDRip
Language: Original

Director: Richard Mailer
Studio: Father Productions, Something Weird Video

Starring: Marlene Willoughby, John Buco, Vanessa del Rio, Rocky Millstone, Sandi Foxx, Tony Richards, Dory Devon, Sandy Bottoms, Leo Lovemore, Turk Turpin
—Here’s a porn flick about America’s two greatest pastimes: food and sex. When the boss, Mr. Bigelow, disappears on his lunchbreak, his horny office workers quickly Gulp down their lunches – and each other.
Barbara eats a banana to warm up her mouth for boyfriend Jerry’s flesh banana, which she also takes up the bunghole as she sprawls across her desk. The black shoeshine man polishes the boss’s boots while stuffing fruit up a secretary’s snatch. Then he licks it as she licks an ice cream cone.
MARLENE WILLOUGHBY sits at her desk reading Screw magazine and massaging her clit before inserting a huge stalk of some frighteningly unrecognizable vegetable. A long-nosed, long-haired librarian type named Janet fucks like crazy on another desk.
Meanwhile, Mr. Bigelow is having a box lunch between VANESSA DEL RIO’s legs. Then middle-manager Fred diddles Barbara and Janet on yet another desk.
If you’re a fan of mindless sex, you won’t find this nookie-at-noon epic hard to swallow. Especially the pickles and beaver condiments.
—While making his lunch break “just one hour” so his office workers won’t take advantage, one hour is still enough for Mr. Bigelow’s workers. In the privacy of Mr. Bigelow’s now abandoned office, the first worker Barbara immediately undresses and lies down on his desk, when her boyfriend comes along and has sex with her on the desk. The African American shoeshine man polishes Mr. Bigelow’s boots while having sex with another female worker. In another office, Sylvia masturbates with a celery stalk because her boyfriend Fred from the first office fails to show up. The last female worker, Janet, invites a fellow male worker to have sex on her desk. When he’s all done, the still nude Barbara, who peeps on them, reveals herself and gets it on with Janet. Fred later catches them and gets over not seeing Sylvia by accepting the invitation to have a threesome. Meanwhile, it turns out the worried Mr. Bigelow uses the lunch break for sex himself – he eats his lunch at home while having sex with …

File Size: ~750MB
Resolution: 576×432
Duration: 55 min
Format: mp4

Download Link(s):
Gulp.mp4 – 735.4 MB

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